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Sports Massage is a popular treatment for muscular injuries but also has an array of physiological and psychological benefits for the uninjured athlete.

Regular massage can be used as part of an injury prevention plan to help post-exercise recovery, improve mobility, blood flow and overall mood, as well as decreasing muscular and mental tension and scar tissue.

Sports Massage is also useful for maximising your performance.


An injury assessment involves a thorough consultation regarding the history of the injury including the mechanism of injury, onset of symptoms and previous related injuries.

This should give the therapist an idea of what to look for on the subsequent physical assessment, which is used to make a final diagnosis.

Your initial consultation will always include a treatment session or advice as appropriate. 







Single session


(Up to 60 minutes per session)

Follow Up Treatments

Once a diagnosis is reached a plan needs to be put together for your treatment, with the goal of finding the most effective route to recovery.

This may consist of a combination of manual treatments performed by the therapist and a specific rehabilitation program to be performed at home.

Sam will tailor your treatment program depending on sporting commitments, lifestyle and symptoms.


Sam can offer specific exercise programs to reduce injury recurrence risk, which are useful if you regularly exercise or are planning on returning to training.

Sam can provide a range of general prehabilitation programs covering strength, balance and flexibility.

He can also offer advice for training progressions for your body’s optimal load, working alongside other treatments such as sports massage. 


Included with general treatment/ advice






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